History of South Shore Marine

South Shore Marine is unique in that it was conceived with a long range outlook and all improvements were part of the initial master plan. It was incorporated in the spring of 1976, with the opening of a small marine store on Duke St. in the village of Chester. This location gave the company a physical base on which to build a solid foundation for future growth.

The following winter, plans were drawn up for a travel lift system (the truck that we haul and move the boats with) which was patterned after successful operations in boating centers through out the world. We hauled 7 boats in the fall of 1977. This was done without a dock, using our marine railway and taking the boats off with our travel lift. The tricky and sometimes impossible task was trying to climb up our unpaved hill with them. We were now in the marine business.

1978 brought 30 more boats, the paving of our hill and the beginning of our repair service, which was carried out in the barn on the top of the hill. The next year the vacating of the red farmhouse allowed us to move the store from Chester to our yard, uniting all of our services. The number of boats swelled to over 80 and repairs became numerous and more difficult without proper facilities.

The turn of the decade brought the construction of the first stage, a 3500 sq foot work shed. This was a major step in our growth because it allowed for year round work giving us a permanent work force. Our numbers grew to over 130 boats and the average size also grew to about 30ft. In 1982 a 4000 sq foot addition was added to the shed for mast storage and boat painting. Finally, 1983 brought the expansion of our floats and waterfront services.

The year 1984 was a major and interesting year in the development of the South Shore Marine complex. The building which houses the Galley restaurant was built in 100 days from start to finish. It opened it's doors to the public on July 27th. At the same time, Marina Films were constructing a large 3000 sq foot studio attached to one of our work sheds in which they built a large pool to film a movie called "Deep Sea Conspiracy". This project occupied the waterfront for the fall and some of the following spring. The store was again moved from the red farmhouse to the new building in the fall. Ocean Yachts was involved in the expansion by renting space in the upstairs of the Galley building.

1985, 86 and 87 were years of continuous growth and improvements. The road was paved from the #3 highway in, a tour boat "Come Along " was tried (and failed) and the number of boats hauled reached 300. This combined with winter repairs allowed us to maintain a permanent, year round staff of 8 people expanding to 40 in the summer months to run the yard and restaurant.

Halifax was part of our goal during 1989 with the purchase of "The Binnacle" a yachting store on Blowers St. The Binnacle is one of Halifax's most established Marine Supply Stores. This move was shortly followed by the acquisition of the chart supply from Gabriel's which gave us the largest supply of Marine Charts in the Maritimes.

In 1992 the complex was divided up. The Binnacle was sold to the present day owners, The Galley restaurant was kept by the McCurdy family and Stephen took over ownership of South Shore Marine. Along the way, Ocean Yachts re-located to Halifax then Sunnybrook Yachts took up residence in 1994.

In the late nineties we became a movie set 2 more times. Loving Evangeline was filmed in 1998 and The Weight of Water starring Sean Penn and Elizabeth Hurley was filmed in 1999. You never know who you're going to meet down here!

To date we are fortunate to haul close to 500 boats, over 400 of them wintering with us each year. We also have over a dozen knowledgeable staff in peak season to run the store and boat yard. We have everything on site to accommodate the traveling sailor. We offer gas and diesel at our docks, ice, mooring rentals, complimentary tender service, boat repairs and all kinds of treasure can be found in The Loft chandlery.

We hope you drop by and visit us by land or by water. We are on chart #4381,( 64.17W, 44.33.350N) if you're arriving by water. Take exit 8 or 9 off Highway #103 if you're coming by land, and we can be found approximately 3 miles from either exit, in Marriott's Cove.

If you would like to contact South Shore Marine, e-mail us at info@southshoremarine.ca or use our contact page.

See you soon!


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